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Candice Burningham started her 20+ year admin career as an office junior in Australia. She worked her way up to being a C-Suite Executive Assistant to some of the biggest and brightest minds globally.

In 2021, Candice returned to Australia from living in London, UK. She saw a gap in the market for a community support network dedicated to the administrative profession. This led her to create Admin Avenues - Australia’s first premiere marketplace and community website for admin professionals.


In 2023, Candice saw an opportunity to acquire a membership group to grow the Admin Avenues community globally. She acquired The Admin Collective, under Admin Avenues, ensuring that all admins around the world have a safe place to connect and grow in the admin profession.

In 2024, Candice has returned to London to expand Admin Avenues into the UK market.


Candice is a true admin advocate. She is often spotted networking at in-person events, speaking at conferences such as The PA Show in London, and on global summits such as the ES Global, Practically Perfect PA’s summits, and speaking on podcasts - including her own 'The Future Focused Admin'. Her commitment to the admin profession goes beyond her own businesses. She is also a Board Director for the Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP), Australia’s founding body which has just celebrated 60 years of supporting the admin office profession.

In her personal life, Candice is a supporter of UNHCR Australia (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Ronald McDonald House. She is also a proud LGBTQIA+ straight ally and supports the Pride Foundation.

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Admin Avenues is a professional and lifestyle information platform designed to assist admin professionals in finding relevant education, tools & systems, access to admin communities and more. They provide free access and support, no matter what stage you’re at in your admin career.

The Admin Collective is a global network of administrative professionals. It is a safe space for administrative professionals to network and learn together with colleagues from all over the world. 

The acquisition of The Admin Collective enhances Admin Avenues' ability to serve their members with a broader range of membership capabilities and global reach. The union brings together a versatile team committed to delivering the best possible community for admin professionals.



The Executive Support is the specialist agency for individuals in need of executive-level business and personal support and fractional Chief of Staff services in Australia and the UK. They offer tailored support solutions to their clients with bespoke packages to suit each client's needs. They pride themselves on matching their clients with great executive support.  

Clients can always count on their confidentiality, high-quality services and reliability. To discuss how they can help your or your business, click below.



Candice is a true admin advocate. She is often spotted speaking on podcasts and at in-person events and on global virtual summits such as the ES Global and Practically Perfect PA’s global summits.


Candice is also an expert at conducting engaging and personalised workshops that leave attendees inspired and motivated. She is passionate about building admin departments in companies and future-proofing the career of the admin profession globally.

Candice is a valued Board Director at The Australian Institute of Office Professionals (AIOP), Australia’s founding body who have just celebrated 60 years of supporting the administrative office profession. This speaks to her expertise and dedication in the admin field.

If you would like Candice to work with your office / admin staff or have her speak at your next event, either virtually or in person, please click the below to discuss details.



Candice leads an empowering mentoring program specifically designed for administrative professionals.

With unparalleled expertise and dedication, Candice adeptly guides her mentees through a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her nuanced approach enables participants to navigate the intricate web of limiting beliefs that may hinder their progress. 

Candice's commitment to fostering lasting change and professional development makes her a highly sought-after mentor and an invaluable asset to any aspiring individual or organisation seeking to cultivate top-tier talent and drive exceptional outcomes. Feel free to book a discovery call below.


UK: +44 (0) 7425 015 332 

AU: +61 (0) 458 864 241

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